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Based in our office in Arrecife Lanzarote, we can help your business with the different bureaucratic procedures and aspects of its life, such as:

    Company (and "Autonomos") Related operations: Incorporations, Capital Increase, Company Transformation and Dissolution. shutterstock 65714203

    Mergers, Spin-offs, Acquisitions and contribution through lines of business.

    Wording and modification of Company's Bylaws.

    Appointment, renewal and revocation of posts and duties in the Management Boards.

    Stock Transfer Contracts.

    Assistance and advice in the Management Board meetings and the General Meetings, both ordinary and extraordinary, with the attendance of Legal Counsellor when necessary.

    Keeping of the Minutes Book.

    Elaboration of Annual Balance sheet Accounts and their deposit in the Business Registry.

    Procedure before Notary in the publishing of all kinds of Corporate Agreements.

    Publication in Media and in the Business Registry Hansard of all kinds of Corporate Agreements, whenever it is required by the corresponding Law.

    Procedure before the Business Registry of all kinds of Agreements that may require registration.


General legal procedures for your business in Lanzarote

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