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We are a bureau of Expert accountants in spanish and Canary Islands Tax Law

 Research and preparation of tax income returns:

  •     Tax on Economic Activities (I.A.E.)
  •     Income Tax (I.R.P.F.)
  •     Assets Tax (I.P.)
  •     Company Tax (I.S.)
  •     Non-Residents Income Tax (I.R.N.R.)
  •     Canary Islands' VAT (I.G.I.C.)
  •     Rest of Spain's VAT (I.V.A.)
  •     Asset transfer Tax (I.T.P.) and Tax on Legal Documented Acts (A.J.D.)
  •     Tax on Inheritances and Gifts (I.S.D.)

Customized Researchs and Reports:

  •     Research on the alternatives que available in the Canary Islands Economic-Tax Regime (R.E.F.), in order to achieve the greatest tax advantages.
  •     Tax Incentives on Company Investment carried out in the Canary Islands, both by individuals and by corporations, resident and non-resident but with permanent offices in such territory.
  • Such incentives may consist of deductions in the quota of up to 25% of the investment, or even greater reductions, either in the taxable income stated in the Company Tax (up to 90%) or in the taxable income stated in the Income Tax (up to 80% of the quota coming from economic activities),  as long as the taxpayer sets up the Reserve for Investments in the Canary Islands (R.I.C.).
  •     The Special Zone of the Canary Islands (Z.E.C.) allows a very low taxation on the Company Tax and on local taxes, aswell as no taxation on indirect taxes (I.T.P. and I.G.I.C.) to those companies settled in the Canary Islands who comply with certain requirements. 
  •     Special Incentives in the field of indirect taxation (I.T.P. and I.G.I.C.) for the settlement of companies or the capital increase within the first three years of existence.
  •     Specific Incentives for certain activities: Production of goods in the Canary Islands, Telecommunication services, Special Registry of Ships and Shipping companies, etc...
  •     Tax Planning that enables, on short-, mid- and long-term basis, choosing the lowest cost taxation alternative with the minimum risk.
  •     Evaluation of tax contigencies deriving from preexisting situations, and if it were necessary, recovery to less awkward situations.
  •     Legal Representation and defense before any Administration agency (Management, Inspectors or Economic-Administrative) or Court.


Based from our office in Arrecife Lanzarote we wil take care of your Taxes!!

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